Get your Irish Lucky Socks now and start the new year off on the right foot!

Welcome to Lucky Socks, a brand that believes in spreading good luck and good vibes.
Our socks are made from finely combed cotton that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. With high quality cotton against your skin you’ll feel fresh all day long, or at least look it. And the best part? They’ll bring you good luck!

*Not guaranteed to work every time.*

Our designs tell stories and jokes about the Emerald Isle, some of which you might not even know of! So why wait? Grab a pair!

Irish County Fun Socks Collection

Irish County Socks Fun Collections

A range of premium quality socks representing the best (and worst!) of... 

Our Lucky Mission

Our eco-friendly lucky socks are not only high quality, durable and fun, they also guarantee a big win coming.

(Dramatisation may have occured.)